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Second Grade

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~Welcome to Grade 2 ~
Welcome to second grade, where literacy is a focus in all we do! Our balanced literacy curriculum helps to integrate all other content area subjects.  It is this integrated approach to instruction that enables students to become critical thinkers, independent problem solvers, self-monitors and goal setters.

Our classrooms foster a love of reading and writing through the balanced literacy framework which provides students many opportunities for real life reading and writing experiences.  Reading and writing workshops encourage students to read and write across the curriculum.  As second grade students, children have the opportunity to select appropriate books for independent reading, participate in small guided reading groups, engage in shared     reading and listen to interactive read alouds from a variety of genres. Writing workshop gives students a better understanding of the writing     process as they learn how to plan for writing, organize their writing, etc. Students in second grade also develop a repertoire of spelling strategies. Within this framework, students participate in the following components: Reading Workshop (includes independent reading and guided reading) Writing Workshop (includes independent writing, guided writing, and interactive writing) Language/Fundations (includes the study of language conventions, spelling and vocabulary through interactive read aloud, modeled shared reading and writing experiences, interactive writing, handwriting, and language word study) Vocabulary Instruction (includes daily lessons that cover oral, listening, reading and writing, which leads to deep understanding of text)

Social Studies:
In the second grade social studies program students study rural, urban, and suburban communities, and how they change over time.  They will concentrate on communities in the United States.  Students continue to learn how to locate places on maps and globes and how different communities are influenced by geographic and environmental factors.  They also study about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in their communities.

In grade 2, instructional time should focus on four mathematical areas:  Measurement and Data-Counting money, money, measuring length, time, graphs and data.  Geometry-Reason with shapes and their attributes.  Operations and Algebraic Thinking-Understanding addition and subtraction, addition strategies, subtraction strategies, working with equal groups.  Number and Operations in Base Ten-Place value to 100, mental addition, mental subtraction, adding two-digit numbers, subtracting two-digit numbers, place value to 100, three-digit addition and subtraction.  Step Up to Grade 3 Lessons.

FOSS (Full Option Science System) is a research-based science curriculum for grades K-8.  Balance and Motion-Welcome to the Balance and Motion Module!  Goals-Come build your own roller coaster!  Find out lots more about how things balance and how things move!  Goals-We live in a dynamic world where everything is in motion, or so it seems.  But not everything is moving the same way.  Some things move from one place to another.  Other things go around and around in a rotational motion.  Still, other things are stationary, stable for a time, balanced on a thin line between stop and go.  These are the global phenomena that students experience in this module, Balance and Motion.  FOSS Expects Students to-develop a growing curiosity and interest in the motion of objects.  Investigate materials constructively during free exploration and in a guided discovery mode.  Solve problems through trial and error.  Develop persistence in tackling a problem.  Explore concepts of balance, counterweight, and stability.  Observe systems that are unstable and modify them to reach equilibrium.  Discover different ways to produce rotational motion.  Construct and observe toys that spin.  Explore and describe some of the variables that influence the spinning of objects.  Observe and compare rolling systems with different-sized wheels.  Explore and describe the motion of rolling spheres.  Acquire the vocabulary associated with balance and motion.

Special Subject Offerings:
Library, Art, Music, Computer, Health and Character, and Physical Education.

Fall/Spring Observational Survey Literacy Assessment
Fall/Spring Writing Benchmark Assessments
Fundations Unit Assessments
Fall/Spring & Unit Mathematic Assessments

Extracurricular Activities:
Second grade students attend local field trips that support our grade level curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to partake in numerous after school clubs and activities