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Fourth Grade

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~Welcome to Grade 4 ~
Fourth grade is an exciting place to be!  We focus on academic and social growth as our students prepare to enter the fifth grade.  We engage our learners each and every day as we provide opportunities for questioning, growing, and sharing.  Our literacy-rich classrooms are places of learning, exploration, and enrichment.  As students exit grade four, they have a solid foundation for the transition to grade five. 

Our classrooms foster a love of reading and writing through the balanced literacy framework which provides students many opportunities for real life reading and writing experiences.  A minimum of 2 periods a day is devoted to literacy instruction.  Reading and writing workshops encourage students to read and write across the curriculum.  In reading, we focus on various genres and work on choosing and reading books most appropriate for each individual child.  We also work on improving comprehension and strengthening vocabulary. Writing workshop introduces students to on-demand task writing; they also learn skills for writing personal narratives, poetry, short stories and other genres. We are working on transitioning our curriculum to align with the Common Core Standards. Within this framework, students participate in the following components: Reading Workshop (includes independent reading, guided reading, and literature study) Writing Workshop (includes independent writing, guided writing, and research-related writing) Language/ Word Study (includes the study of language conventions, spelling and vocabulary through interactive read aloud, modeled shared reading and writing experiences, interactive writing, handwriting, and language word study)

Social Studies:
Our social studies curriculum focuses on New York state history.  We begin our social studies learning with a study of pre-historic people and early Native Americans.  We continue our studies by introducing students to New York explorers, settlers, colonists, and the Revolutionary War.  We then follow the new nation through the Constitution and into the Civil War.  Important historical figures within each of these time periods are also studied.

The mathematics curriculum focuses on multiplication, division, fractions, measurement, and geometry.  Students are expected to master multiplication and division skills as they exit grade four. We are working to transition our curriculum to align with the Common Core Standards.

The fourth grade science curriculum touches upon numerous themes, emphasizing scientific method.  Themes include:  Organization in the Natural World, Organizing Ourselves To Be Scientists, Organization of the Earth, Simple Machines, Food Chains and Food Webs.  The program relies heavily on  the use of literature as well as hands-on scientific  experiences provided by an elementary science specialist.

Special Subject Offerings:
Library, Art, Music, Subject Enrichment, Computer/Keyboarding, and Physical Education.

New York State Assessments in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science
Fall/Spring Reading Benchmark Assessments
Fall/Spring Writing Benchmark Assessments
Portfolio Assessments
Unit Mathematic Assessments
Weekly vocabulary/Just Words assessments

Extracurricular Activities:
Fourth graders attend field trips to support the grade level curriculum.  We also work in collaboration with the Parrish Art Museum for an art history program.  Students have the opportunity to  partake in numerous after school clubs and activities.