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Tier 1 Interventions

Break, moving position in class
Have student take frequent breaks, do errand, or active job
Send student on errand
Snack break
Take a break
Avoid power struggles
Call parent or note home
Card Flip
Clear, consistent, and predictable consequences
Do unfinished work during recess or unstructured time
Have student say a nice thing to the student they called a name
Logical consequence
Natural consequences
Office referral
Reflection sheet
Remove from room
Speak in calm and neutral tone
Take away privileges
Take away unstructured or free time
Acknowledging positive behavior
Praise student frequently
Praise when cooperative and well behave
Praise when good attitude and involvement occur
Praise when on task
Rewards and praise
Call parent or positive note home
Simple reward system
Alternate Seating In Own Space
Alternative modes of completing assignments
Assign a buddy or partner
Assign a classroom job
Break down assignment
Break down directions
Call on student frequently
Clear and concise directions
Color coded folders
Count to 10
Daily planner
Deep breathing
Draw a picture or write in a journal
Encourage interaction with a more self confident student
Engage student
Explain assignment
Explain directions
Frequent eye contact
Frequent home contact
Give choices
Have student repeat directions back
Helping Students With Home Work
Help student start assignment
Individual work space
Listen to music
Model appropriate language
More structured routine
Move to a new location in the classroom
Non verbal cues
Organize materials daily
Pause before giving a direction
Provide a container for the student's belongings
Proximity to students
Reduce assignment
Reflective listening
Review PBS expectations and rules
Speak with student in hallway
Stand while working
Start Commands
Stress ball or fidget
Talk one on one with student
Talk Ticket
Talk to parent
Teach conflict resolution skills
Teach coping skills
Teach organizational skills
Teach relationship skills
Teach relaxation techniques
Teach social skills
Teach substitute words
Touch base with student 
Touch student on shoulder
Turn desk around
Use calm neutral tone
Use seating disk
Use timer
Velcro on the desk
Visual schedule